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Nice to meet you.

I'm Jenny Kosek. I was the kid whose mom had to put a limit on how many library books I could check out at a time ("No more than you alone can carry.") I was the kid who raced through assignments so I could get back to whatever book was in my desk. I was the kid who loved learning about everything, from science, to history, to the arts.  I was the kid who started writing while other kids were still learning to read. I was the kid who rarely spoke in class but spoke volumes on the page.

I became the adult who leveraged strong writing skills and a passion for excellent communication into a progressive career. I became the adult who has worked with top agencies and served as a lone-wolf in-house marketing team of one. I became the adult who mastered the art of press releases, long form editorial content, social media messaging, website copy, white papers, direct mail messaging, marketing hooks, brand messaging, corporate communications, and ghostwriting. 

I currently leverage my experience serving the financial sector in human resources communication. I write every day to inform, educate, and engage associates with our organization. I'm an industry blogger, lead copywriter, and our organization's go-to when anything needs to be written and the writing needs to matter. I love to write, and I'm open to learning about your project and how my writing style and experience can build your brand, strengthen your culture, and better resonate with the humans you serve.

And I'm still the girl checking out too many library books.

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